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Meditate & Listen To Our Hearts

About Us

Heart and Soul is a social enterprise formed by group of universities students in HK wishing to promote youth and young adults mental health with meditation and body-mind-spirit knowledge from ancient India Vedic culture. We wish to help everyone to cultivate positive thinking, inner happiness and explore their potential for their life and future.


Our services

One to One Guided Meditation Services

  • Participants are guided to look back on their troubles and worries, in a deep meditative state by our trained adult or peer meditator
  • Understand self-inner thoughts/feelings/personality/attitude towards life
  • Restore motivation in life and release distress

Group Meditation Workshops

  • Group Meditation Workshops led by our experienced meditator trainer
  • Customised Meditation techniques and tips on daily life specified for our service group 
  • Group Meditation Experiences and Balance Body-Mind-Spiri 


Social Impact


Beneficiaries in one to one meditation


 Willing to learn meditation as a method to maintain their mental health


have positive improvement on their emotions and feelings after the session


Group Meditation Seminars

Looking for Meditation tips?