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Who Are We ?

Our Beliefs

Lighten our heart

Everyone’s nature shall have happiness and positive feelings in heart. With Meditation, youth can release the negativity inside, and lighten their heart to explore their potential.

Peer supports peer

Everyone has once experienced a hard time. It could be caused by a past instance or relationships in family or school. We understand because we have experienced – We wish to create a peer support zone to the youth in Hong Kong who are in need.

Experience vs obstacle

We believe that the negative feelings are a temporary experience but not an obstacle of life. We are here to transform the obstacle of heart into experience, ultimately bring growth and wisdom to youth life.

Our Vision

Cultivate the inner happiness of the heart among all Youth and Youth Adults in Hong Kong and no teenagers experiencing mental illness.

Our Mission

To promote mental health with meditation as a preventive approach and empower every youth to become a qualified meditator on supporting own self and others in the youth sector of society.

Our Partners

Baptist University Cocurriculum Learning
CUHK - MA Religious Studies Alumni Association
krishna devotional center
NGO - Krishna Center (Meditation Support)
IN Talent LaRa (Training Support)
HKU - Common Core
standard chartered
Standard Chartered
HKU PGSA Student Association

Founder and Board Chairman 

Susana Yuen

University of Michigan BA (Arts), University of Hong Kong M.Fi

Meditation practice: 10 years “My interest in meditation start in my bachelor degree. I have emotional suffer when my dad passed away during my undergraduate year 1. Meditation helps me to pass through all these suffer emotions in heart and ultimately accept the fact that my dad passed away with a blissful heart. I wish to spread the energy of meditation to enlighten everyone’s heart “

Our team

Our Team is composed of students and graduates from University of Hong Kong wishing to contribute to youth mental health with meditation

ResearchHannah Lee (CUHK Research assistant-psychology), Sammy Wong (Master of Psychological Medicine)

OutreachCassey (Teaching staff @ Secondary School)

MarketingWang Yaxuan (Canva and AI design-marketing materials)

TechnologyJyotishman S. (Information Technology, Website Design, AI Chatbot, Online Membership)

MeditationXu Zhije (One to One Meditation Co-ordinator)

FundingYubo (Master of Global Management, Business Development)

TreasurerLina (Master of Global Management Finance)

Baptist University Meditation - Nov 2021

Baptist University Meditation - Nov 2021

Our Advisors

Our Adult Volunteer Meditators

(completed training with 60 hours of one to one meditation practicum on youth sector)

Our meditators are with working experiences from different background and field sector, and have completed training on meditation with practicum experiences. This could bring our youth participant a diverse background on mentor support of their life experiences and meditation services


PAM – Counsellor of SEN students, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Psychological Studies

SHARON– Managing Director of SFC licensed asset management firm, CFA, CPA, MRICS, MBA (Northwestern University), Board Member Experiences of several largest NGO organizations in HK

FLORENCE– MBA & BBA in Human Resources, Management on Human Resources and Training

Ellee – Master of Science in Environmental Management (HKU), Environmental industry

Natalie – Cultural industry, Master of Arts on Cultural Management (CUHK)

Yoyo – Administrative industry, Master of Arts on Cultural Management (CUHK)

Phoebe – Civil Servant and Government sector

Lam – Computer Science and Digital Marketing sector

Penny – Art Teacher