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Social Outcomes


Beneficiaries in one to one meditation


have positive improvement on their emotions and feelings after the session


Willing to learn meditation as a method to maintain their mental health


Group Meditation Seminars

Participant’s testimonials –  Group Meditation Seminars (Compared to self Practice

  • Less Drowsy
  • Could rest the mind and focus in the present
  • Guidance instructor has equipped meditation techniques
  • Could handle the inner negative emotion when it arises from past experiences and transform into positive
  • Reaching out to inner self
  • Relaxed and Good!
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Testimonials – One to One Guided Meditation Services

“Since it’s my first experience with guided meditation, I had a lot of uncertainties before it started, of which the biggest are its procedure and final effect. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the program director, Susana, and the program volunteers, for constantly communicating with me so that I can complete the meditation session successfully. My biggest takeaway upon completing the session was the realization that I’d always been very concerned with “trivial” things from my past, and that there were a lot of connections between these trivialities that had slipped under my radar. Thankfully, I was able to experience these events again as I recalled them, so that I no longer had to suppress my inner voice, enabling me to acquaint with, accept, and embrace myself. This two-hour journey through time came to an end with the blink of an eye. As I opened my eyes, I felt incredibly relaxed and joyful, all because I had lifted these long-buried burdens.”

“I’m really happy to have experienced such a wonderful activity. Thanks so much for the meditator’s professional attitude and patience throughout the two-hour course of the session. Now I feel happier, more open-minded, and more relaxed.”

“It feels quite nice overall. Thank you.”

First experience

“It’s a mode of meditation I’ve never tried before. As I underwent the process, I could bring my self-consciousness to the scenario from which my troubles originated. After the session, it’s as if I was released from these troubles, and I also felt more relaxed.”

Second experience

“The second guided meditation session made me realize that the purpose of this mode of meditation is to bring oneself back to and re-experience scenarios that had been troubling one for a long time, so as to discover one’s and other’s feelings at the moment, helping one to evaluate and understand the event from multiple perspectives. This allows one to let go of these troubling events easier.”

“Upon completing this meditation, I realize that life is filled with all kinds of troubles, which always originate from our inner feelings. During this meditation experience, I closed my eyes for the first time to think of the people that matter in my life and simulated dialogues with them at different time periods. This helped to not only enhance my knowledge of myself and my feelings, but also offered an opportunity for me to think about what the others would have to say. I used to want to dissolve my troubles in a rational manner, turns out the real solution was to face my feelings directly. Overall, this experience enabled me to truly hear my inner thoughts and to reconsider my life path.”

“I am not a person that is always in touch with my feelings and cry, but this session made me I listen to my heart and tears came out. In the end I felt released.”

“I participated in two meditation sessions in total, both equally rewarding. My most immediate impression is that I could recover voices that had been suppressed, allowing me to express anger and aggression smoothly and safely. Therefore, as I encounter situations of similar nature (e.g. where I face criticisms or attacks from other people) in the future, I’ll know that I have better ways to deal with negative emotions.

In the first meditation session, I managed to deal with some important family issues. In the second session, I mustered the courage to deal with problems relating to interpersonal relationships, such as my overly defensive and commonly hostile attitude towards other people. Both experiences made me grow.

 I’m impressed by and grateful to the volunteers for devoting their expertise for a good cause outside of their normal working hours. Thank you for your wisdom and contribution!”

“I think this meditation activity is very interesting. It brings the participant back to past events that might result to growing pains in the future, allowing them to focus on real inner thoughts as they vent, leading to an outlet of suppressed emotions. I think the meditation is definitely worth a try, it really helps to make one feel more calm afterwards.”

“I feel that the meditation a very meaningful experience after having tried it.”

“The session was a great way for me to explore my heart and truly reflect on past experiences to help my present self. During the guided meditation, I had discovered that there were many events from my childhood that have shaped my present condition and troubles. Being able to acknowledge and almost restore these memories helped me realize that my troubles could be fixed, and I was able to change the feelings in my heart. Following the session I felt very light and relieved, almost as if i had completed gotten rid of my troubles through this reflection. I felt like I had a confidence to face my problems and no longer feared the outcome. The meditation session was a truly wonderful and magical experience for me.”

“I think this meditation helps a lot to relieve stress.”

“A good way to find what your main concern is and see it clearer. That helps to know yourself better.”


“Very soothing and relaxed. Get to know more about myself and reassure self. Feeling energized and refreshed after the chat. Able to confront with the deep fear and more devoted to make a change.”

“This guided meditation session is a similar experience to my habit of talking to myself, but it requires one to close their eyes and think about the other person in a scenario. I didn’t expect I’d cry because of this experience, or that I would understand my feelings better through it.”

“My mood improved by a lot because of the meditation. The volunteers did a great job. It’s a pleasant surprise how one can improve their understanding of themselves by so much in just two hours.”

“It is fantastic! It is an entire different experience to the meditation that I have before, and it brought an exceptional and wonderful enjoyment to me.”

“I would like to send my deep gratefulness to the teaching of the Meditator, she was patient and amicable. I felt like immersed in another time dimension after I closed my eyes, I inspected the present “me” and glanced my past. It only lasted for 2 hours. It was incredible that it could recall my slight memories that had been dust-sealed for 5 years, 10 years or even 15 years by using this mode of thinking. Therefore, my heart had been digging slowly by the companion of meditator. I constantly confront the real side of me and compromise with my family. I cleared my inner heart after I opened my eyes, tears were still hanging over my canthus while I was laughing from my bottom of my heart.”

“I have already recommended this to my friends.”

“It helped me to understand more about myself, I feel more peaceful now!”