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One to One Guided Meditation Services  –  Communicate with the Heart

Our trained volunteer meditator will guide participants to look back on their troubles and worries in a meditative state, so as to help them reacquaint with themselves. They will understand their inner thoughts, feelings, mode of thinking, personality, and attitude towards life, so that they may restore the motivation needed to start their life journey on a new path.

one to one guided meditation

Our Approach – Heart Transformation


What makes our service different ?

Release the negativity

We are here to release the negative emotion of one’s heart and prevent its accumulation to become mental illness with meditation

Cost effective

Private psychologist services could be costly, and our target is to provide a mental health meditation solution with an affordable pricing

Emotion Focus Approach

Participants will not only change their mindset and thinking, but most importantly transforming the emotions into positive by understanding the heart

Historical Proof

Our meditation technique is from the ancient India Vedic culture with 5000 years of history. Our ancestor and recent research has proofs numerous benefits of meditation

Our principles

Objective Listening

Our Meditator act like a mirror to guide you to listen to your heart with compassion. Under our objective guidance, participant will know their heart fully.


Meditator will not judge the experience of the participant; we are here to accompany you and transform the sadness.


All the conversation will keep private, and participant could openly express themselves.


We are here to guide the participant under their own heart and develop new attitude of life on their own. Meditator will not provide direct advise or solution and we respect everyone choice.

Our Meditators

(completed training with 60 hours of one to one meditation practicum on youth sector)

Our meditators are with working experiences from different background and field sector, and have completed training on meditation with practicum experiences. This could bring our youth participant a diverse background on mentor support of their life experiences and meditation services


PAM – Counsellor of SEN students, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Psychological Studies

SHARON– Managing Director of SFC licensed asset management firm, CFA, CPA, MRICS, MBA (Northwestern University), Board Member Experiences of several largest NGO organizations in HK

FLORENCE– MBA & BBA in Human Resources, Management on Human Resources and Training

Ellee – Master of Science in Environmental Management (HKU), Environmental industry

Natalie – Cultural industry, Master of Arts on Cultural Management (CUHK)

Yoyo – Administrative industry, Master of Arts on Cultural Management (CUHK)

Phoebe – Civil Servant and Government sector

Lam – Computer Science and Digital Marketing sector

Penny – Art Teacher


Our Service Group

Our service is currently providing for students or young adults aged 15-29 who are dealing with great stress, mental distress or coming from low-income family group in Hong Kong in an affordable pricing.

Financial Criteria:

  • Be under a household, which is beneficiary in the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or
  • Be a beneficiary in the School Textbook Assistance Scheme, the Financial Assistance for Primary and Secondary Student; or
  • Be a beneficiary in the Working Family Allowance (WFA); or
  • Various means-tested student financial assistance schemes; or
  • Young adults with unemployment more than 2 months
  • Any of your household remembers are receiving the above assistance schemes

Non-Financial Criteria:

  • If you are suffering from great mental distress, please reach us and we will conduct an interview for our service

For standard services, please refer to our supporting organization – In Talent LaRa Training (Home – IN Talent Lara Management and Training Co. Ltd)